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Our modern lives often are quite full and leave us spent of energy and longing for recovery. Attempting to remedy our condition, we search for ways to bring ourselves back into balance and once again achieve our sense of wholeness.  Throughout history, cultures have developed various approaches to help everyday people find their individual paths to healing. Mind Body Studio is a place where people from all backgrounds and most any physical condition can begin or continue their journey toward finding and maintaining that balance. Read more…

Organic Food, Wholesale Prices

The Food Room is open with a small choice of organic grocery items on the shelf and in the refrigerator/ freezer. Click on the Frankferd Farms logo to the left to see the entire food selection. Custom orders are placed once a month and can be picked up in the food room. Email your order by clicking on "Email Our Studio" link to the right before the first Thursday of each month.

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    Delicious Living

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